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GRC Data Intelligence GRC Data Intelligence is an independent consultancy and information provider, specialising in international data knowledge. It's all we do, so after spending years learning about variations in international information so that you don't have to, we know a thing or two about them. Many companies spend many hundreds of hours wrestling with any number of issues concerning their international data. We can help you to dramatically shorten the learning curve involved, through consultancy, training and our products. Our aim is to provide advice and resources to facilitate international data quality, especially that of personal names and addresses, so that your data more accurately represents the real world constructs to which it refers, and conforms to the required linguistic and cultural norms. This provides you with a firm foundation for higher levels of information quality to be achieved from this data. This site, built and maintained by Graham Rhind, also contains the most complete postal code and address resource list available on the Internet, provided free since 1995.